July 2017

Activity report of ROSAE

The activity report of ROSAE can be found here  

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September 2016


The Ordovician and Silurian periods are characterized by major biotic and geochemical events, among which…

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July 2016

ROSAE and The Early to Middle Palaeozoic Revolution

Annalisa Ferretti of the ROSAE team presented new insights about “Apatite Overgrowth on Conodont Elements”…

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May 2016

A gallery of trace fossils

Here is  a gallery of some of the most beautiful traces studied by the ROSAE…

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Talk, poster and workshop at Ichnia 2016

The ROSAE team presented a talk, a poster and a workshop at Ichnia 2016, the…

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Ichnia 2016

Ichnia is one of the major meetings for ichnologists, the scientists that study organism-substrate interactions….

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April 2016

Jurassic tidal flat strikes back!

Nowadays crabs are common organisms in marine environments, but they appeared around 185 million years…

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A walking crinoid and its trace

Time for discovers: a Jurassic crinoid at the end of its trail! This discover is…

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December 2015

ROSAE at the Orton Geological Museum

Annalisa Ferretti of the ROSAE team has been visiting scientist at the Ohio State University of…

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October 2015

ROSAE at the European Space Agency

The ROSAE team presented a talk at the ESTEC complex of the European Space Agency…

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